The Barlow is Going “Green”

March 18, 2014 by The Barlow Hotel

Lather Bath Amenities

Lather’s Aromatherapy products utilize exclusive eco-pure technology in the packaging.

The Barlow goes “green” next month as we switch over from a conventional (and very expensive) energy sup

ree sources for green energy include wind, geothermal and solar.

The three sources for green energy include wind, geothermal and solar.

plier to an energy supplier using environmentally friendly resources.  In the Hotel’s mission statement we not only include a statement about our commitment to our guests but a statement about our commitment to the environment as well.  Currently The Barlow uses guest bathroom amenities that employ Lather’s “Eco-Pure” technology in the products’ packaging.  We installed energy efficient electric fireplaces in all guest rooms in place of less environmentally friendly gas fireplaces.  Our heating/air conditioning system utilizes state-of-the-art thermostats to better control energy efficiency and usage.

Traditional energy is generated using fossil fuels which include the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil at generating plants.  “Green Energy” utilizes the planet’s natural energy generation solutions such as wind, geothermal, and solar power.  These innovative resources are completely renewable and significantly better for the environment.

WHERE DOES GREEN ENERGY COME FROM? There are a variety of sources of electricity:

HYDRO/WIND: Water and wind are used in dams and windmills to power turbines that create heat and electricity.

GEOTHERMAL: This form of energy is generated in the Earth’s core which has temperatures hotter than the sun’s surface produced by the slow decay of radioactive particles, a process that occurs in all rocks.SOLAR: The sun’s rays are harnessed by photovoltaic panels that allow electrons to move freely among them, eventually meeting a circuit wire and converting into electricity.

The Barlow going “green” is just one more step we are taking to underscore our commitment to the environment, and we are pleased to announce this innovative change to our guests.

2014 Crystal Apple Award Finalist

February 21, 2014 by The Barlow Hotel

The Barlow has the honor of being a 2014 Crystal Apple Award finalist.  The award is presented each year by the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce to a Chamber member business, “to recognize an extraordinary contribution to economic progress, community improvement, and the quality of life in Columbia County over the previous year”.  Nominations for the award were made by business peers, further reassurance to us that our contributions have been recognized by the greater business community.

As we read through the criteria for nomination we took some time to evaluate our success in each area:

Cystal Apple Award criterion: Economic progress

The Barlow encourages to guests to buy local through the Privileges Partners Program.

“Economic progress”: The  much anticipated opening of The Barlow signaled not only additional lodging for Columbia County but for the opportunity to encourage visitors to stay and explore all that Hudson and the surrounding county has to offer.  Two of the most frequent questions asked prior to the Hotel opening was, “Do you have a restaurant?” and “Do you have a bar?”.  The answer to both is no.  Why?  We wanted The Barlow to benefit the entire city and county.  That’s was the motivation behind the creation of our Privileges Partners program: to “spread the wealth”.  We wanted to encourage guests to explore all there is to do, see and experience in Columbia County and to eat and shop locally.  Our hope is that the Hotel is, in fact, leading to what the Crystal Apple Award defines as economic progress.

Cystal Apple Award criterion: Community improvement

Formerly a vacant office building The Barlow glows brightly in the heart of Hudson.

“Community improvement”: The seven month intensive renovation of 542 Warren Street transformed a vacant 1920’s office building and transformed it into The Barlow.  Located in the heart of Hudson’s Historic Business District, the Hotel sits right in the middle of the city.  Years of partial use led to more years of the building being vacant, with no maintenance or upkeep of any sort.  While no apparent illicit activity was taking place there was certainly the potential for it.  Removing the opportunity for nefarious activity, with increased foot traffic, visibility and exterior lighting certainly improved the community.  The Crystal Apple Award looks to recognize community improvement, and having a fully operational business was certainly a welcome change for the neighborhood.

Crystal Apple Award: Quality of life

The opening of The Barlow improved the quality of life for many Columbia County residents

“Quality of life”: This criterion might be a little more difficult to nail down, depending on how “quality of life” is characterized in order to win the Crystal Apple Award, but give the two previous categories it would seem like The Barlow also meets this qualification.  By bringing more guests to Hudson, who will spend their money locally, businesses will benefit economically and will need to hire more staff and purchase more local goods and services thereby improving the quality of life of all involved in the economic upswing.  Improving the community by having a vibrant, successful business in the middle of the city The Barlow does improve the quality of life if nothing more than the building looks warm and inviting and adds a more welcoming “vibe” to Hudson.

On March 28 the winner of the Crystal Apple Award will be announced.  We’ll keep you posted!

A quiet oasis is taking shape at The Barlow

October 18, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

For the first few months that The Barlow was open the back “area” looked pretty bad: some construction debris, boxes, and assorted other materials found their way there.  Try as we might to keep it presentable the fates were against us.  Well now all that is changing.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Last month our landscape contractor laid a beautiful blue stone patio in a random pattern after having graded the yard, which slopes fairly significantly away from the building.  Two weeks after the patio was laid the fountain was installed.  It’s a faux stone unit with in an oval bowl shape with a square base and copper accents (which will patina over time).

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Yesterday the benches were assembled and placed on or about where they will find their final home.  Next week our ironmonger will pour the footings for the wrought iron fence and install the fence next weekend.

The installation is that of the rear awning, which will look identical to the awning at the front entrance, will then take place.  Finally arbovitae, tall evergreen shrubs, will be planted along the fence line to provide privacy to our guests using the space.  When finished it will create a lovely and peaceful oasis right in the heart of Hudson.

The Barlow featured on the Rural Intelligence website

August 29, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The Lobby is the perfect place to meet friends and plan the day's/night's activities

Today The Barlow received  wonderful accolades in a post on the Rural Intelligence website.  Jamie Larson, one of the sites writers spent some time with us at the Hotel asking questions ranging from our professional backgrounds to how we got to Hudson to why we decided to open a hotel.  We tried to convey, and he clearly understood, our belief that Hudson will continue to grow and draw visitors here and continue to be a focal point of the Hudson Valley

In the short time The Barlow has been open we’ve welcomed hundreds of guests that have just discovered this city and all the outstanding dining, entertainment, shopping and cultural opportunities that Hudson offers.  We recognize this and understand that The Barlow will play an important role in providing additional lodging to new visitors, who in turn will spend time in town taking advantage of Hudson’s “bounty” which will benefit the entire business community.

So our thanks to Rural Intelligence for highlighting The Barlow and recognizing the need the Hotel fills for travelers and the City alike.