Getting to Hudson

March 24, 2015 by The Barlow Hotel

Getting to Hudson with historic charm

Getting to Hudson with historic charm

A new mode of travel for getting to Hudson will harken back to yesteryear, a time when the journey was part of the experience.

For 90 years the S.S. Columbia served as a passenger steamer between New York City and various Hudson Valley ports along the Hudson River.  The oldest passenger steamer in the United States, the S.S. Columbia was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  In 2006 preservationist Richard Anderson came up with the idea of restoring the vessel, which had been decaying at an industrial pier in Detroit.  Even though Anderson died in 2013 his plans for the Columbia were kept afloat (pun intended).  In September 2014 the S.S. Columbia began the journey to New York, where she will be refitted and returned to service along the Hudson.

You can read more about the history and status of the S.S. Columbia project here.

So if you’ve been waiting for some way of getting to Hudson that doesn’t involve driving and avoids Amtrak your wait may soon be over.

What’s doing in the Hudson Valley?

February 3, 2014 by The Barlow Hotel

What’s doing in the Hudson Valley is question that is common this time of year.  If you’re not an “outdoors-y” type – no skis or snowboards on you – you may wonder what there is for you to do during the Winter months that doesn’t involve racing down a hill.  We’ve got a great activity that will keep you warm and maybe just teach you something.

Since 1923 Vasilows has produced the finest candies in upstate New York

Since 1923 Vasilows has produced the finest candies in upstate New York

The Barlow has teamed up with one of our favorite Privileges Partners, Vasilows Confectioners to offer our guests a unique opportunity to get some hands-on experience in learning how to make candy.   Founded in 1923 Vasilow’s was founded and to this day continues to pride themselves on producing the finest candies of the highest quality in upstate New York.  Today the shop is run by Jim Vasilow, grandson of one of the founders, and his wife Kate.  Both are looking forward to sharing their craft with you including how to make the perfect chocolate dipped strawberries.  What could be better than spending an afternoon enveloped in a world of you dreamed of as a kid?  Roll some truffles and cook up some caramels and learn the art that is candy making.  At the end of the day make sure to take home some of your own creations, too!

When you book your reservation at The Barlow, the newest boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley, simply mention that you would like to spend an afternoon at Vasilow’s.  Our friendly staff will find out what they have on the menu for that day and make all the arrangements to ensure you have a fun-filled time at one of the Hudson Valley’s oldest family run businesses.

Learn the art of making hand crafted chocolates like these

Learn the art of making hand crafted chocolates like these

So if you’re wondering “What’s doing in the Hudson Valley?” we have the perfect answer – chocolate!

Summer cools down, the Hudson Valley heats up

September 4, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel


Some feel Labor Day marks the end of summer: kids go back to school, thoughts turn to raking leaves and picking pumpkins and the weather starts to cool off.  We couldn’t disagree more at The Barlow!

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce has published their monthly e-newsletter and there is SO much to do!  What’s your pleasure?  Indie music, art and dance?  Touring historic site throughout Columbia County including churches and homes?  Paddling on the Hudson River?  Apple picking at the Hudson Valley Apple Festival?

There’s something for everyone!  So when someone tells you that Summer is over all you need to say is “Not in the Hudson Valley!”

The New York Times agrees – the Hudson Valley is the place to go…and don’t miss Hudson!

July 26, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel


The New York Times once again chose the Hudson Valley as a summer destination (see 36 Hours in the Hudson Valley, New York) and Hudson was featured prominently in the article, although they seem to have covered A LOT of the Hudson Valley in only 36 hours.  As members of HADA, the Hudson Antique Dealer’s Association, we are so pleased that the NYT gave the organization a nod and the over 40 businesses it represents.

Cafe Le Perche, one of Hudson’s best spots for the best fresh baked pastries (they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner) and one of The Barlow’s Privilege Partners, was also mentioned in the article.  As more and more people discover Hudson we are proud to share with them everything we love about “the friendly city”.

Visitors to Hudson now have the opportunity to stay in the Hudson Valley’s newest boutique hotel, The Barlow.  As the Hudson Valley and Hudson attracts more guests The Barlow will ready to show them all that makes so many people say “I’m Thinkin’ Hudson”!