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Digging into the past

September 25, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The Barlow (at left) stood to the west of the Farmer's National Bank building as seen in this pre-1926 post card.

The Barlow (at left) stood to the west of the Farmer’s National Bank building as seen in this pre-1926 post card.

Part of our job in the development of The Barlow’s website is to provide our website designer with all the information they will need to construct/code the site.  (BTW – we got a sneak peek at the preliminary home page…AMAZING!).  Pictures and descriptions of the guest rooms, listing of our Privilege Partners, creating of the points of interest for Google Maps and more are all necessary to create a user-friendly and informative site.

An often overlooked category is “History”.  History?  Yes, because what we have found in our short time being open is that people – guests and non-guests alike – are very interested to know about the building itself.  So thanks to Carole Osterink, known locally as the guru behind The Gossips of Rivertown (a fantastic blog if you want to know what’s going on in Hudson), we were directed to start at the Office of Deeds at the Columbia County Clerk’s office.  And so started my research.

The Harder Building, as it was known then, after the fire at the Bank.

The Harder Building, as it was known then, after the fire at the Bank.

Nothing really exciting until 1926.  On November 24 a massive fire broke out at the Farmer’s National Bank at 544 Warren Street, right next door to The Barlow (at the time known as the Harder Building).  According to an article in the Albany NY Evening Journal the fire started around 3:00 and “gutted the building”.  The Harder Building sustained substantial damage as seen in the picture at right.

Continuing the research we’ll see what else we can find…



They say a picture is worth 1000 words

September 4, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Well if that’s true we just received 98000 words worth of amazing pictures!  Christian Giannelli, the incredible photographer who captured The Croff House so well, once again has created a wonderful portfolio of pictures that convey the feel of The Barlow so well.

The construction of The Barlow “official” website was waiting for the photographs of all the rooms and common areas.  Today we received our Dropbox file filled with 98 outstanding images that now will now enable Inside Out Solutions, our web and media designers, to begin building the full website.  The first question we get at the Front Desk is “do you have any pictures of the rooms?” and up until now we did – some very good ones takes by a professional photographer at our Open House in June and some not very great pictures take with an iPhone.

Now, however, we will have a full spectrum of photos to which we can direct our guests.  Check out of few of them below.

The Barlow featured on the Rural Intelligence website

August 29, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The Lobby is the perfect place to meet friends and plan the day's/night's activities

Today The Barlow received  wonderful accolades in a post on the Rural Intelligence website.  Jamie Larson, one of the sites writers spent some time with us at the Hotel asking questions ranging from our professional backgrounds to how we got to Hudson to why we decided to open a hotel.  We tried to convey, and he clearly understood, our belief that Hudson will continue to grow and draw visitors here and continue to be a focal point of the Hudson Valley

In the short time The Barlow has been open we’ve welcomed hundreds of guests that have just discovered this city and all the outstanding dining, entertainment, shopping and cultural opportunities that Hudson offers.  We recognize this and understand that The Barlow will play an important role in providing additional lodging to new visitors, who in turn will spend time in town taking advantage of Hudson’s “bounty” which will benefit the entire business community.

So our thanks to Rural Intelligence for highlighting The Barlow and recognizing the need the Hotel fills for travelers and the City alike.

“The Northern Hudson Valley” is once again highlighted in The New York Times

August 13, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

In an article in the New York Times today entitled “City Chefs Head to the Hudson Valley” Hudson is once again in the spotlight for the outstanding dining options available to visitors.  Several of our Privilege Partners including The Crimson Sparrow and Local 111 are mentioned and the chef’s discuss the allure of opening a restaurant in “the country”.  John McCarthy, co-chef at The Crimson Sparrow, talks about how wonderful it is to be able to source ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and other agro-businesses, enabling the menu to change based what’ available and fresh.

A fantastic meal and a great night at The Barlow combine to make the perfect recipe for a great getaway.


Featured Artist: Joan Damiani (J. Damiani Gallery: A Barlow Privilege Partner)

August 2, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Hudson City Light and Electric, a new show at J. Damiani Gallery

Hudson City Light and Electric, a new show at J. Damiani Gallery

One of our focuses at The Barlow is to use artwork created by local artists of Hudson and/or the Hudson Valley to remind guests just where they are.  Local photographer and gallery owner Joan Damiani opens her new show tomorrow “Hudson City Light and Electric”, which features photos of Hudson shops and street-scapes.  The photo’s are compelling because of Joan’s ability to capture light, whether natural or man made, to reflect the diverse architectural elements that make up the city.


“Grazin’ Diner”, J. Damiani

We are so pleased to be featuring six of her new pieces in addition to three we already have hung in the first floor hallway.  One of our favorites is a night shot of the Grazin’ Diner, located on the 700 Block of Warren Street.  It’s a fun shot with lots of color and shadow that we find really captivating.

The Barlow will continue to support local artists on an ongoing basis and feature their work at the Hotel for all our guests to enjoy during their stay.

The Beautiful Hudson Valley’s Beauty Destinations

August 2, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

past the point of love, (made it to #2 explore !) [10,00streamviews!]

In today’s Vogue Daily Hudson was featured in an article entitled, “Hidden Beauty Destination: Hudson, New York”.  In the article several of The Barlow Privilege Partners were prominently featured including Face Stockholm, Casa Urbana, Bodhi, and Hedstrom and Judd.

The article highlights the outstanding selection of beauty products and aromatherapy items that should be on a lot of peoples’ “must have” lists, and we couldn’t agree more.  While Hudson initially was known (and still is) for the sensational antique stores, all of whom fall under the HADA (Hudson Antique Dealers Association) umbrella, the city has expanded offerings to attract more visitors to the Hudson Valley and to Hudson in particular.

In a separate but related article “Great Escapes” Ken Jacobs, owner of Casa Urbana, mentions The Barlow, describing the property as “amazing”.  Thanks Ken!

The Barlow is proud to partner with a wide variety of shops, restaurants and galleries in town and to share with our guests all the awesome things there are to do, see, eat and buy during their stay with us through the Partners Program.  What makes it even sweeter is that these selected venues offer our guests generous discounts on their purchases.

Just another reason so many discover Hudson and return again and again.

Hudson: Offering some of the best shopping in the Hudson Valley

August 2, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Hudson attracts visitors for a variety of reasons: outstanding dining, fantastic art galleries, incredible entertainment and phenomenal shopping.  On August 8 two of our participating Privilege Partners, TK Home and Harvey’s Counter, will join with 5 other shops for the first Sunset Soiree along the 400 Block of Warren Street.

logoTK Home and Garden offers a wide variety of beautiful furniture both vintage and new, accessories, one of a kind art all hand selected for their individuality that creates a warm and inviting home.  TK also provides a wonderful array of gifts for all occasions.logo

Harvey’s Counter is self-described as “A destination for unique finds and modern curiosities from the US and around the world. Harvey’s Counter brings together the best of young artisans and indie craftspeople to highlight the spaces of your home and lifestyle.”  A great shop for unique finds and one of a kind items.

The Barlow is so pleased to support these two great shops that showcase the best of work from artisans and craftspeople throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

A Hudson (Valley) Summer

July 20, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Hard to believe but summer is just about at the half way mark.  That doesn’t mean however that there isn’t still a lot to do and see – oh yes – and taste too!  Our Privilege Partners continue to provide our guests with a wide variety of options to explore Hudson:


J. Damiani Gallery will launch Hudson City Electric and Light 2013

J. Damiani Gallery ( will be launching a follow-up to last year’s widely praised show “Hudson Electric and Light” on August 3 as a part of the Belo Third group gallery launch.  This even will be a great opportunity to experience exciting new exhibits all in one place.

testLogo_CH_2Club Helsinki @ Helsinki Hudson ( continues to offer an incredible lineup of top talent in a wide array of music and performance genres.  In addition Helsinki on Broadway is in the second season of presenting top Broadway names in an intimate cabaret setting.

stageworks_logo_webhome_greybackStageworks Hudson ( once again offers a hugely popular summer series, employing Equity actors to present new works in a small theater setting.  These shows and musicals offer exceptisparrow_headeronal entertainment value for the dollar and are always a hit.

On the culinary front The Crimson Sparrow ( has introduced new tasting menus that offer diners a fantastic opportunity to sample the culinary talents of chefs John McCarthy and Ben Freemole.  These two incredibly showcase their incredible talent using locally sourced meats, produce, cheeses and more.  Their unique cocktail creations combine products from local distilleries and homemade infusions that are truly one of a kind.

This is just a small sampling of all there’s going on in town.  So if you’re looking to explore the Hudson Valley take a trip up to Hudson and make a stay at The Barlow part of your travel plans.

So. What’s Next?

June 28, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel



So you may be thinking, “The Barlow is now open.  Most of the work is done.  So…what’s next?”

The challenge is in the premise that most of the work is done.  While it’s true that the major elements of the project have been completed, building the Hotel as we envisioned it will take months if not years.

As any guest who has stayed with us at our other property in Hudson, The Croff House, we are fanatics about attention to detail.  And there are many details that still have to be ironed out.  Little details that may not seem important but, to us, are critical to differentiating The Barlow from other properties both in town and throughout the Hudson Valley.

We think we know what today’s savvy traveler is looking for and want to ensure The Barlow delivers on our commitment to providing outstanding service in Hudson.  That takes time and tweaking.  We also want to spend more time with our staff improving their customer service skills to the level we believe our guests expect and enforcing our policies that we feel our guests deserve.

So, what’s next really isn’t the question.  The question is did we miss anything?  The answer to which will take some time responding.

Just two days ago…The Lobby is the perfect place to meet friends and plan the day’s/night’s activities The Lobby is the perfect place to meet friends and plan the day’s/night’s activities

June 27, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The Hudson Valley’s newest hotel was “officially” christened in Hudson.


Check out all the pics of rooms and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  We were so happy to have so much support from State and local politicians as well as friends, fellow business owners, and the Hudson community.  It was a great event.

One of The Barlow's amazing Spa showers

One of The Barlow’s amazing Spa showers

Luxurious bath linens create a true "spa" experience for our guests.

Luxurious bath linens create a true “spa” experience for our guests.

The Barlow Queen Deluxe room offers plenty of seating and a spacious guest room.

The Barlow Queen Deluxe room offers plenty of seating and a spacious guest room.

The King Suite bathrooms offer generous baths and separate spa showers.

The King Suite bathrooms offer generous baths and separate spa showers.

The open Lobby includes a wonderful inline gas fireplace surrounded by a mosaic marble tile surround.

Great gatherings

Great gatherings

Ready, Set...

Looking down into the spacious Lobby

Looking down into the spacious Lobby

Summer has come to Hudson

June 23, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

excess-sweatingThe Hudson Valley, even though it’s north of New York City, can get pretty toasty and this weekend was no exception.  This weekend The Barlow welcomed the Himmelstein/Follari families and friends for a big wedding.  As their arrival time neared our plumbers were feverishly (no pun intended) to get our new A/C system up and running, working late Friday and first thing Saturday morning with little success.

So a “executive decision” was made to go out and buy 12 window units (the four rooms on the first floor seemed to be okay).  Our plumbers made short work of getting them in all the rooms and not long after we had much happier guests.

As we continue to discover quirks about the property it is clear that as long as a problem can be solved it’s really not that much of a problem at all.

We wish the newlyweds all the best in their new life together and hope they will come back to The Barlow soon!

The Hudson Valley’s newest hotel is OPEN!

June 16, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

This weekend we hosted our first guests at The Barlow.  While all the kinks weren’t worked out, as could be expected, most of the essentials were there.  Hot water was hot.  Elevator went up and down.  We hoped the A/C would be up and running too, but due to a missing part and even with the best efforts of our fantastic plumbers, it was not to be.  They assure us that it will be up and running first thing in the morning (as soon as they install the nasty little part).  So all is good.

On the bright side the weather was beautiful and in the evenings the temperature got down into the 50’s.  So with their windows open our guests could enjoy a lovely spring evening.

This week we focus on wrapping up the first floor and getting the laundry room up and running.  Next weekend we host another group here in Hudson for a wedding (that’s BIG business for the Hudson Valley) and we look forward to welcoming them and helping them enjoy the celebrations.

Up, up and away!

June 11, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

No.  Not in a beautiful balloon.  Something even better – our elevator!Click the video link below.  Not the best video, but you get the idea.

My First Elevator ride at The Barlow!


A good night’s sleep!

May 30, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Window treatments and carpeting installed.  Furniture goes in next.

Window treatments and carpeting installed. Furniture goes in next.


One of our Queen Deluxe rooms with the overhead lighting installed, carpeting and window treatments installed. The sitting area (not shown) is almost finished too!

Today 6 of the guest rooms were carpeted.  Tomorrow 4 more.  Set up some beds and furniture as well.  Artwork arrived late this afternoon.  That will go up tomorrow.

As one of the contractors at the Hotel said today, “Wow!  It’s all really coming together!”

We couldn’t agree more!

Hudson Valley – your wait is almost over!

May 29, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Unbelievable progress!

  • Tiling started on the first floor (all completed on the second and third floors);
  • Final taping of Lobby and first floor complete; priming/painting beginning Friday;
  • Lighting fixtures being installed (see below)
  • Televisions being mounted, fireplaces installed and DirecTV system being completed tomorrow (p.s. we’ll have a TOTALLY cool feature to share with you once it’s up an running);
  • RFID door system is installed (see below);
  • Elevator is almost ready to be tested (check back to our FB page for the video of our maiden voyage);
  • Window treatments going up;
  • Tomorrow (Thursday) carpeting begins to be laid in 6 of the guest rooms and measured for binding for the third floor hallway

{pant} {pant} {pant}

Ceiling fixture in the guest rooms installed

Ceiling fixture in the guest rooms installed

Television and DirecTV up and installed!

Television with DirecTV up and installed; fireplace ready to go!

RFID door locks installed on all guest room doors!

RFID door locks installed on all guest room doors!

Hudson is the Hudson Valley’s most walkable city!

May 24, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

So many towns throughout the Hudson Valley boast all the things there are to do and see and, hey, Hudson is no exception. What makes Hudson unique however is the fact that everything Hudson has to offer is within walking distance from each other.

Walking GuideThe 2013 Hudson Walking Guide has just been published.  It’s a handy tool to navigate the plethora of Hudson’s bounty.  Stroll up and down Warren Street and browse the wonderful shops, galleries and antique dealers.  Take a walk along the Hudson riverfront, then grab a bite at any one of the city’s excellent eateries.  The best part is…

No car needed!  Since Hudson is an Amtrak stop, and just two hours north of New York City it’s easy to get to.  Who needs the hassle of getting out to the Hamptons or Fire Island?

Check out the link below to the online version of the Walking Guide to discover why Hudson is the Hudson Valley’s most walkable city!

Closing in…

May 23, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

As we near the arrival of our first guests to The Barlow on June 6 the installation of the slightest is exciting to us!

Spa shower at The Barlow

Spa shower at The Barlow

Starting with the installation of the spa showers in the bathrooms on the third floor.  Multi-jet body sprays, a handheld spray head,  and an overhead rainshower (not seen in this pic, ooops!) will make taking a shower into more of an experience.  Combine the shower with our Lather aromatherapy bath products and our guests can wash the cares of the world away!

Sink installed at The Barlow (with bathtub faucet to the right).

Sink installed at The Barlow (with bathtub faucet to the right).

Sinks in the guest bathrooms feature a contemporary vessel filler faucet.  The clean lines and polished chrome give the bathroom a very sharp look.

Interior of the elevator cab (partly covered with protective cardboard).

Interior of the elevator cab (partly covered with protective cardboard).

Most exciting is the completion of the elevator.  Seen here is the interior cab of the unit which is finished in cherry veneer and brushed steel handrails.  Tomorrow the unit will be “fired up” and tested.

Woo hoo!

Tune in and find out more…

May 22, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

wgxc_color_logo_web_220Hey!  Wanna know what’s happening at the Hudson Valley’s newest boutique hotel?

Tune your radio to WGXC 90.7 FM tomorrow (5/23) afternoon to find out the latest on The Barlow opening and more.  We are being interviewed by Tom DePietro and Ellen Thurston at 4:15.  Don’t miss it!

“Hudson’s where it’s at!”

May 22, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

This time of year there is so much to do in the Hudson Valley that visitors have a difficult time deciding what do to and see.  Hudson is no exception and offers a wide range of cultural, literary and performance options all through the Spring and Summer (and into the Fall!).  Two notable events are the Hudson-Berkshire Wine and Food Festival being held this weekend at the Columbia County Fairgrounds.

Hudson-BerkshireBeverageTrailThe event’s website describes the event as follows: This unique event will feature award-winning wineries, distilleries, cideries and craft breweries from the Hudson Valley and the Massachusetts Berkshire Region all together under one roof! There will also be Pride of NY and Berkshire Grown food producers sampling and selling gourmet cheeses, baked goods, prepared foods, and more. Local artisans will also be on hand. The festival will feature seminars and demonstrations by wine and food enthusiasts, including chef Josephine Proul from Local 111, CIA-trained Mike Castellano, the World Wine Guys, and wine writer Fred Lebrun. Learn how to “Home Brew” with
Russell from Hennessey Homebrew Emporium. Kid-friendly fun includes
horse and pony rides and bounce houses and more!

stageworks_logo_webhome_greybackAnother fantastic performance space is Stageworks, right in Hudson.  They recently announced their summer lineup as well as a terrific package deal.  What makes Stageworks unique is that in addition to local talent they also use Equity actors, which ramps up the quality of the performances dramatically (pun intended).  The plays are held throughout the week, providing a great quick getaway; enjoy dinner at one of Hudson’s phenomenal restaurants and a wonderful show at Stageworks.  Both make for an unparalleled evening in the Hudson Valley.


Hudson and The Hudson Valley’s newest boutique hotel is almost here!

May 16, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The sign in front of the Hotel.

The sign in front of the Hotel.

A lot of people are just beginning to discover the beauty of the Hudson Valley.  With a wide array of historic sites, charming towns, and amazing countryside the Hudson Valley is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in New York.  The City of Hudson, the county seat for Columbia County, is one of the hottest destinations in the Hudson Valley.  Wonderful shopping, amazing restaurants, and fantastic entertainment venues bring people to Hudson again and again.

Lodging in Hudson, comprised primarily of bed and breakfasts and inns, is often “sold out” months in advance and last minute travelers often find themselves without  place to stay.  That’s all about to change with the opening of The Barlow.  A 16-room European style boutique hotel, The Barlow will provide additional lodging options for visitors to Hudson and serve as a great “home base” for exploring the city, county and the greater Hudson Valley.

The Barlow is welcoming the first guests on Friday, May 31 and the excitement in Hudson continues to mount.  Work on the Hotel continues at a fever pitch and will be completed in time.

For more information about the hotel and reservations, please visit our website

It’s all in the details…

May 6, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

So most of our Guest Room “swag” is in.  You don’t realize how many small details are in a hotel room until you have to design one yourself.  We think we’ve thought of everything, but who knows.  Check out the goods below:

Each guest room will have a golf umbrella for the guests' use.

Each guest room will have a golf umbrella for the guests’ use.


What better to drink coffee from the in-room coffeemaker than our Barlow mugs.


If guests need to jot down a quick note they can do so with our Barlow notepad and ballpoint pen.


Everything guests need to know (well, mostly everything) about both the Hotel and Hudson can be found in the Guest Information booklet, including the listing and descriptions of all of our Barlow Privileges Partners. Very handy!


WOW! So much done in so little time!

May 3, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

There has been an AMAZING week of progress at The Barlow this week.

  • Both the awning and the Hotel sign were installed (see photos below), providing great marketing exposure for the property.
  • The third floor is really flying: 95% of the sheetrock is up and taped and the bathrooms have actually started to be tiled (see photo below)!
  • All the HVAC units on the third floor have been installed as well as the bathroom fans.
  • The elevator continues to “go up” (pun intended) – you can’t imagine how much goes into putting in an elevator.
  • The basement concrete floor has all been poured.  Not sexy, until you want to go into the basement to use the fitness center (to be installed in Phase 2).
  • Guest room closets have all been built in the Third Floor guest rooms (see photo below).

So we’re pleased with the way things are coming together.  As the days count down we get more and more excited for the launch of The Barlow.

The sign in front of the Hotel.

The sign in front of the Hotel.

The Barlow sign and awning newly installed.

The Barlow sign and awning newly installed.

The glass and stone mosaic tiling installed in one of the guest bathrooms

The glass and stone mosaic tiling installed in one of the guest bathrooms

The newly constructed bar area (on the left) and closet) on the right.

The newly constructed bar area (on the left) and closet) on the right.

Elevator going up? No. In? Yes.

April 25, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

This week saw the start of the installation of The Barlow’s LULA elevator.  LULA stands for Limited Use Limited Access, which is just a fancy term for a smaller elevator.  The installers commented to our General Contractor that the shaft that was constructed was one of the best he has worked with.

The Barlow's elevator installation begins.

The Barlow’s elevator installation begins.

Looking up the elevator shaft towards the roof you can see the rails on which the elevator will operate being installed as well as part of the hydraulic lift system the elevator will use.  We expect completion of the installation by the middle to end of next week.

Pretty exciting stuff, we think!

Keeping it Local

April 13, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

One of Tony Thompson's phenomenal landscapes we are hoping to feature in the Lobby.

One of Tony Thompson’s phenomenal landscapes we are hoping to feature in the Lobby.


We were trying to decide on what type of artwork we wanted to feature at The Barlow.  Photographs?  Paintings?  Commercial prints?  We wanted artwork that would both capture the spirit and beauty of the area as well as be artwork created by someone locally.  But who?

We then got a call from Tony Thompson, a Hudson artist whose painting we are so happy to have in our own home.  Tony wanted to know if any of this paintings would work at the Hotel.  After accepting an invitation to peruse his work I was thrilled to find several pieces that would work brilliantly.  Understand that Duncan and I are huge landscape art fans and the pieces Tony showed me are exceptional.

Another of Tony Thomspon's wonderful landscapes.

Another of Tony Thomspon’s wonderful landscapes.

Tony has several large landscape paintings we are planning on featuring in the Lobby behind the reception desks.  These pieces highlight the beauty of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains with stunning use of light and depth.  These will be the first thing most guests will see upon entering The Barlow and we are so thrilled Tony has agree to allow us to feature his work so prominently.

We are sure that Tony’s incomparable style will mesh so perfectly with the style of the Hotel.


Tony Thompson's landscape paintings are perfect for the Hotel Lobby.

Tony Thompson’s landscape paintings are perfect for the Hotel Lobby.


April 1, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

no, not on fire.

One of our roofers laying the covering over the roof to stop the leaks.

One of our roofers laying the covering over the roof to stop the leaks.


The view from the roof is SPECTACULAR. One of our roof guys is sealing the roof surface, but in the background you get an amazing view of the Catskills.

Leaking, actually.  After years and years of really bad patchwork we’re finally addressing he various and sundry leaks all around the roof.  Thanks to the final break in the cold and weather our roofers were able to start up today and get a good amount of the substrate laid, which will stop the leaks.

Sealing the roof will also allow the insulation for the third floor ceilings to be completed so they can be closed up and the rooms actually finished off.


So while you may not view the roof very highly (pun intended) it is a key part of the building that we’re paying some serious attention to.