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The PERFECT Gift for the person that “has everything”!

November 6, 2013 by Russ Gibson

We’ve got the perfect gift to give that “hard to shop for” person on your gift list.

How many times have you found yourself wandering around a department store, spending countless hours looking for something for that person that “has everything”?  Then you end up settling on something that you hope they’ll like when they unwrap the box.  A polite smile and an exclamation of, “Oh!  I love it – it’s just what I wanted!”, but you know they really want to say, “DId you keep the receipt?”  Well why go through all of that?Hudson in Architectural Digest

Why not treat them to a stay at The Barlow with a Barlow Gift Card?  Choose any dollar amount starting at $25 and up, or pick any amount you want to give.  It’s the gift that always fits!

Hudson continues to be recognized in national publications, most recently in the November edition of Architectural Digest, yet so many people are still unaware of the awesome destination Hudson has become.  Our phenomenal restaurants, eclectic galleries, and fantastic entertainment venues offer so much for visitors to Hudson to do that most can get it all done in one weekend. An added bonus is that Hudson is a stop for Amtrak, which runs trains regularly from Penn Station in New York.  So if they don’t havea car, no problem, everything is within walking distance of The Barlow.

Have hotel fireplacea skier on your list?  Catamount is just 20 minutes from Hudson and offers wonderful skiing and snowboarding all winter long.  What about that “foodie” who’s looking for to hop on the latest culinary trend?  The Crimson Sparrow, Fish and Game, Swoon kitchenbar, and DaBa are just a few of the amazing restaurants to satisfy even the foodie-est of foodies.  And if they’re the kind of person that wants to kick back and relax in their room, our cozy in-room fireplaces, spa showers and relaxing soaking tubs will help them forget their cares and unwind.

Visit The Barlow website for more information and to purchase a Barlow Gift Card and we’ll take care of the rest.  Just one more person you can check off your list!

The Barlow Gift Card – the perfect gift!

“This is Halloween, everybody jump and scream”

October 22, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Halloween at the Barlow

Halloween at the Barlow

Decorations in our lobby

Decorations in our lobby

Anyone who knows Duncan, knows that he loves decorating for the holidays…any holiday!  And in the Hudson Valley, Halloween is a big one.  So, much like we’ve done at The Croff House, The Barlow has put on its best scary face for Halloween.  Our front door wreath was designed and created by one of the amazing artists at  If you haven’t visited Etsy’s website, you really are missing out on beautifully created handcrafted items.  Inside, Department 56’s Halloween village pieces creates a perfectly frightening village for every ghoul and boy.  We still have some selected rooms available before and during Halloween, so scare up some friends and come visit us!

A quiet oasis is taking shape at The Barlow

October 18, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

For the first few months that The Barlow was open the back “area” looked pretty bad: some construction debris, boxes, and assorted other materials found their way there.  Try as we might to keep it presentable the fates were against us.  Well now all that is changing.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Last month our landscape contractor laid a beautiful blue stone patio in a random pattern after having graded the yard, which slopes fairly significantly away from the building.  Two weeks after the patio was laid the fountain was installed.  It’s a faux stone unit with in an oval bowl shape with a square base and copper accents (which will patina over time).

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Yesterday the benches were assembled and placed on or about where they will find their final home.  Next week our ironmonger will pour the footings for the wrought iron fence and install the fence next weekend.

The installation is that of the rear awning, which will look identical to the awning at the front entrance, will then take place.  Finally arbovitae, tall evergreen shrubs, will be planted along the fence line to provide privacy to our guests using the space.  When finished it will create a lovely and peaceful oasis right in the heart of Hudson.

It was VERY chili in the Hudson Valley this weekend!

October 14, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Hudson Valley Bounty Chili Contest

Hudson Valley Bounty Chili Contest


There’s always something going on in the Hudson Valley, and at the heart of it all was 2013 Hudson Valley Bounty Chili Contest.  This event encourages restaurants and residents to submit and entry, and for $5 you are issued a spoon and a bean (literally a white northern bean).  From there you sample all the offerings of each of the over 20 entrants, often having to return to re-sample just to be sure.  Then, using your bean, you vote for your favorite.

One of us chose the vegetarian chili offered by Hudson’s own Privilege Partner Red Dot, the other voted for a delicious lamb chili offered by Local 111 from Philmont.  Local 111 won first runner-up, but we’re not sure how Red Dot fared.

It was a beautiful day at the Henry Hudson Waterfront Park in Hudson.  Lots of sun, nice breeze, great music and delicious food.  Overall a great day and a lot of fun.  Mark your calendars for next year!

Digging into the past

September 25, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The Barlow (at left) stood to the west of the Farmer's National Bank building as seen in this pre-1926 post card.

The Barlow (at left) stood to the west of the Farmer’s National Bank building as seen in this pre-1926 post card.

Part of our job in the development of The Barlow’s website is to provide our website designer with all the information they will need to construct/code the site.  (BTW – we got a sneak peek at the preliminary home page…AMAZING!).  Pictures and descriptions of the guest rooms, listing of our Privilege Partners, creating of the points of interest for Google Maps and more are all necessary to create a user-friendly and informative site.

An often overlooked category is “History”.  History?  Yes, because what we have found in our short time being open is that people – guests and non-guests alike – are very interested to know about the building itself.  So thanks to Carole Osterink, known locally as the guru behind The Gossips of Rivertown (a fantastic blog if you want to know what’s going on in Hudson), we were directed to start at the Office of Deeds at the Columbia County Clerk’s office.  And so started my research.

The Harder Building, as it was known then, after the fire at the Bank.

The Harder Building, as it was known then, after the fire at the Bank.

Nothing really exciting until 1926.  On November 24 a massive fire broke out at the Farmer’s National Bank at 544 Warren Street, right next door to The Barlow (at the time known as the Harder Building).  According to an article in the Albany NY Evening Journal the fire started around 3:00 and “gutted the building”.  The Harder Building sustained substantial damage as seen in the picture at right.

Continuing the research we’ll see what else we can find…



Summer cools down, the Hudson Valley heats up

September 4, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel


Some feel Labor Day marks the end of summer: kids go back to school, thoughts turn to raking leaves and picking pumpkins and the weather starts to cool off.  We couldn’t disagree more at The Barlow!

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce has published their monthly e-newsletter and there is SO much to do!  What’s your pleasure?  Indie music, art and dance?  Touring historic site throughout Columbia County including churches and homes?  Paddling on the Hudson River?  Apple picking at the Hudson Valley Apple Festival?

There’s something for everyone!  So when someone tells you that Summer is over all you need to say is “Not in the Hudson Valley!”

The New York Times agrees – the Hudson Valley is the place to go…and don’t miss Hudson!

July 26, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel


The New York Times once again chose the Hudson Valley as a summer destination (see 36 Hours in the Hudson Valley, New York) and Hudson was featured prominently in the article, although they seem to have covered A LOT of the Hudson Valley in only 36 hours.  As members of HADA, the Hudson Antique Dealer’s Association, we are so pleased that the NYT gave the organization a nod and the over 40 businesses it represents.

Cafe Le Perche, one of Hudson’s best spots for the best fresh baked pastries (they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner) and one of The Barlow’s Privilege Partners, was also mentioned in the article.  As more and more people discover Hudson we are proud to share with them everything we love about “the friendly city”.

Visitors to Hudson now have the opportunity to stay in the Hudson Valley’s newest boutique hotel, The Barlow.  As the Hudson Valley and Hudson attracts more guests The Barlow will ready to show them all that makes so many people say “I’m Thinkin’ Hudson”!


Learning as we go

July 25, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

Whenever a new business opens, whether it be a designer clothing store in Chicago, a celebrity chef restaurant in LA or a boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley (i.e. The Barlow!), some details are surely missed.  Hopefully not details that are critical to the running of the business, but simple ones that can easily be remedied.  Over the past six weeks since we have been opened our guests have offered suggestions of things we might consider going forward; some we’ve acted on and some we’ve taken a pass.

LED lighted makeup mirrors were newly added to all guest bathrooms

LED lighted makeup mirrors were newly added to all guest bathrooms

One suggestion was the addition of lighted makeup mirrors for the ladies.  Great idea!  While there is a lot of light in our bathrooms, our understanding is that to create that perfect look a makeup mirror would be a helpful tool.  While we don’t want the shelves in the bathrooms to get too cluttered, we also want the guest to have the amenities they need to enjoy their time at The Hotel.


K Cup carousels were added to all guest bedrooms thanks to a guest’s suggestion.

Another suggestion was that there needed to be more Keurig K-cups in the rooms.  We suspected this might be an issue, but were once again concerned that the counter space by the coffeemaker wouldn’t allow for a carousel.  We were wrong, and so each guest room is now provided with plenty of coffee, decaf coffee, tea and hot chocolate K cups so they won’t run out.

Hmmmm.  Wonder what else we missed…

The walls! The walls!

December 21, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

Framing walls for second floor guest rooms

Framing walls for Second Floor guest rooms – sorry, kinda dark!

In just a few short days even more progress has been made.  The framing walls, which will eventually be sound insulated, sheet rocked and painted have been built and the guest rooms are starting to take shape.  Now it is easy to see how large the rooms and bathrooms are going to be, and we can start visualizing the layout of the furniture and finishings such as the bath fixtures.

Work has also begun on the basement.  Not so sexy, true, but this is where all of the mechanicals for the hotel (hot water system, washers and dryers, electrical and gas monitoring systems, etc.) will reside.  Due to the low height of the ceiling we’ve had to dig out a few feet of the existing basement floor which will make it much more “user friendly”.  Once the windows are re-opened the space will feel much bigger as well.

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms on the Third Floor

Finally we are finalizing contractors for the “big stuff”: electrical, pluming, HVAC and the elevator.  This means we can continue with the forward progress already made to date without interruption.

And we’ve booked yet another wedding party!

Progressing nicely

December 17, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

So after a three week hiatus from the hotel restoration (physically only, mind you) we had a walk through with our contractors and architect.  We were both thrilled with the amount of work that has been completed.  The demolition is finished (for the most part) and the framing of the guest rooms has been completed 60% or more.  What does that mean/matter?

Having the framing of the guest rooms done you can now see how large the rooms are going to be and how they are going to laid out.  It’s one thing to see it on paper.  It’s something totally different to see it in person.  The rooms are all well proportioned and large.  The bathrooms are generously sized as well.  The suites are incredibly large and will be able to comfortably accommodate up to four guests.  It’s all very exciting.

Just as exciting is how quickly we are moving forward with some really important contracts, namely the plumbing/HVAC and electrical.  These represent the next two large phases of bringing the hotel to life.  While they are not sexy imagine a hotel with no plumbing, air conditioning/heat or electricity.  Wouldn’t attract a large crowd.

Since we are heading into the holidays (a notoriously slow time for work to get done) we had a frank discussion about how we are doing in terms of our timing.  According to everyone we are on schedule for our Memorial Day Grand Opening.  So all those folks who’ve booked the hotel for their wedding guests can sleep a little easier.

Food, glorious food!

November 25, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

We’ve been asked whether or not there will be a restaurant at The Barlow.  In creating our business plan we never considered food service.  Why?  The burgeoning restaurant scene in Hudson is attracting top chefs to open new venues: Zac Palaccio (Fatty Crab, Fatty ‘Cue) will be opening Fish and Game in 2013. John McCarthy and Ben Freemole (formerly of WD50) opened The Crimson Sparrow this past summer to critical acclaim.  These two additions join a cadre of fabulous eateries that have been providing superior food in Hudson for years.

Individual Keurig coffee brewers will be available in all guest rooms. K-cups for coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be provided as well.

We will, however, be providing individual Keurig coffee brewers in all the guest rooms as well as K-cups for coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  Our hope is that after their first coffee in the morning guests will be ready to explore all that Hudson has to offer and get a nibble along the way.

It’s not Jericho, but the walls are coming down

November 16, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

We mentioned in our previous post that the renovations to the building have begun.  In just one week the demolition has removed most of the walls from the second floor, which will eventually be home to 6 luxurious guest rooms.

In the pictures you will notice lathing on the ceiling from the original building. Prior to sheet rocking the ceilings we will be spraying soy based sound insulation between the joists to keep the guest rooms quiet.  You’ll also notice piles of the old tin ceiling.  We were hoping to be able to salvage them but it is not looking good, although we are going to be re-purposing almost all of the existing doors.

Today the demolition moved to the third floor and is expected to take about a week to complete.  The previous owner had begun putting apartments on this floor.  The good news is that we are moving the brand new hot water heater, kitchen counter tops and appliances to the Manager’s apartment in the basement.

Stay tuned.



And so it begins

November 16, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

This Monday, November 12, saw the beginning of what we hope will be a smooth process – the demolition.  Work began on the second floor, the floor Reggie Young our general contractor deemed to be the “most messy”.  Well while it was certainly messy (what demolition isn’t) it certainly yielded some surprises.  Now, surprises on a project are rarely good, but these weren’t terrible at all.

The first surprise was that the removal of the existing sheet rock revealed a brick wall (see picture).  What our architect Bob Godwin determined that this was the rear wall of the original building from 1927.  Back then the building was only two rooms deep.  Later the building was extended even farther back.  Later still the building was extended to its current length.

Look what we found

The Barlow’s original rear wall from 1927

The other surprise was that the wall separating Room 201 (Family Suite) and Room 202 (King Suite) is actually a load bearing wall and therefore cannot be moved without significant expense.  Not a big deal since it was only going to move 5 or 6 inches any way.  Just a very strange find in the nature of the architecture of the building.

Today the third floor demo began, which should take about a week.  Wonder what they’ll find….

All About Us

October 30, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

Duncan Calhoun spent his professional career on the operations side of magazine publishing. Russ Gibson spent the majority of his career in Human Resources and Training. The two bring cooperative skills to running a hospitality business, and both understand the importance of providing superior customer service and meeting the needs of today’s traveller.

Russ and Duncan launched The Croff House, a five room bed and breakfast in Hudson in the Spring of 2009. Three months after opening The Croff House was named the top Bed and Breakfast in Hudson on Trip Advisor and shortly after that was the #1 Bed and Breakfast in New York State. A hallmark of a stay at the Croff House is the attention to detail in every aspect of the guests’ visit while combining the luxury of a boutique hotel with the personalized service of a bed and breakfast.

In the years since The Croff House has been in operation Russ and Duncan have come to realize the need for a boutique hotel in Hudson. The Hotel needs to offer luxurious accommodations and modern amenities yet ensure guests get a sense of the rich history of the property and town. Guests expect a well-trained staff to be available and able to answer guests’ questions, make recommendations for activities and dining, resolve any problems, and simply provide excellent customer service. Guests expect a well-appointed room with a clean bathroom and luxury amenities and all the conveniences they are used to at home.

With The Barlow Russ and Duncan intend to expand the lodging options available to visitors to Hudson.

About The Barlow

October 30, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

The number one question we get asked is “What is the hotel going to look like?” Without trying to sound overly artistic – the best description is modern art deco (as opposed to ultra modern, which is quite minimalist or art nouveau which is very “flowery”).

The building was built as the Barlow-Osborn Building in 1927, a few years after Art Deco was introduced at the 1925 Exposition Internationales des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. In general our intent is to retain as much of the original detail of the building as possible, re-purposing items if needed, while combining touches that reflect an elegant yet comfortable aesthetic.

The main hallways currently feature heavy recessed oak paneled wainscoting in a rich walnut stain, but the existing pendant fixtures will be replaced with more stylized ones. Photography from a local artist will be featured down each of the three floor hallways.

The lobby will feature tufted back sofas and high backed chairs. Two French Flea Market style chandeliers in the lobby will combine wrought iron, crystal elements and shaded lights. The focal point of the lobby will be an oversized inline fireplace with natural stone surround. The reception desk, an antique bar with similar panel treatment on the front as the wainscoting in the hallways, will greet guests. Three pendant fixtures combining bronze organza and black brass mesh will light the Front Desk area.

The Barlow will have 16 guest rooms. Each will feature either Queen or King beds, all with private baths. Each bed will have a leather-tufted headboard, luxury high thread count bed linens, fluffy down pillows, and ultra soft cotton bamboo blankets. Flat screen televisions with DirecTV included, USB compatible electrical outlets, individual refrigerators, and single brew Keurig Coffeemakers are included in all bedrooms. A majority of the rooms will also feature inline gas fireplaces. Each shower will feature glass mosaic tiling and an ultra-luxurious spa shower. In keeping with our Green efforts all toilets will be dual flush to conserve water. Bead board wainscoting will add an historical element to the bathroom décor.

Colors throughout the Hotel will be earth tones and neutrals.

Each guest will be provided a keycard to allow them to access the Hotel and their individual room. Security cameras will be placed throughout the property both inside and out for guests’ safety and comfort.

Parking on Warren Street can be challenge. Therefore each guest room is also provided one complimentary guest parking permit in the Municipal lot behind the Hotel for the duration of their stay.