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A quiet oasis is taking shape at The Barlow

October 18, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

For the first few months that The Barlow was open the back “area” looked pretty bad: some construction debris, boxes, and assorted other materials found their way there.  Try as we might to keep it presentable the fates were against us.  Well now all that is changing.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Looking toward the rear entrance; the back patio is taking shape.

Last month our landscape contractor laid a beautiful blue stone patio in a random pattern after having graded the yard, which slopes fairly significantly away from the building.  Two weeks after the patio was laid the fountain was installed.  It’s a faux stone unit with in an oval bowl shape with a square base and copper accents (which will patina over time).

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Rear patio with benches. The wrought iron fence is under the plastic tarp at the back.

Yesterday the benches were assembled and placed on or about where they will find their final home.  Next week our ironmonger will pour the footings for the wrought iron fence and install the fence next weekend.

The installation is that of the rear awning, which will look identical to the awning at the front entrance, will then take place.  Finally arbovitae, tall evergreen shrubs, will be planted along the fence line to provide privacy to our guests using the space.  When finished it will create a lovely and peaceful oasis right in the heart of Hudson.

The walls! The walls!

December 21, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

Framing walls for second floor guest rooms

Framing walls for Second Floor guest rooms – sorry, kinda dark!

In just a few short days even more progress has been made.  The framing walls, which will eventually be sound insulated, sheet rocked and painted have been built and the guest rooms are starting to take shape.  Now it is easy to see how large the rooms and bathrooms are going to be, and we can start visualizing the layout of the furniture and finishings such as the bath fixtures.

Work has also begun on the basement.  Not so sexy, true, but this is where all of the mechanicals for the hotel (hot water system, washers and dryers, electrical and gas monitoring systems, etc.) will reside.  Due to the low height of the ceiling we’ve had to dig out a few feet of the existing basement floor which will make it much more “user friendly”.  Once the windows are re-opened the space will feel much bigger as well.

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms on the Third Floor

Finally we are finalizing contractors for the “big stuff”: electrical, pluming, HVAC and the elevator.  This means we can continue with the forward progress already made to date without interruption.

And we’ve booked yet another wedding party!

Progressing nicely

December 17, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

So after a three week hiatus from the hotel restoration (physically only, mind you) we had a walk through with our contractors and architect.  We were both thrilled with the amount of work that has been completed.  The demolition is finished (for the most part) and the framing of the guest rooms has been completed 60% or more.  What does that mean/matter?

Having the framing of the guest rooms done you can now see how large the rooms are going to be and how they are going to laid out.  It’s one thing to see it on paper.  It’s something totally different to see it in person.  The rooms are all well proportioned and large.  The bathrooms are generously sized as well.  The suites are incredibly large and will be able to comfortably accommodate up to four guests.  It’s all very exciting.

Just as exciting is how quickly we are moving forward with some really important contracts, namely the plumbing/HVAC and electrical.  These represent the next two large phases of bringing the hotel to life.  While they are not sexy imagine a hotel with no plumbing, air conditioning/heat or electricity.  Wouldn’t attract a large crowd.

Since we are heading into the holidays (a notoriously slow time for work to get done) we had a frank discussion about how we are doing in terms of our timing.  According to everyone we are on schedule for our Memorial Day Grand Opening.  So all those folks who’ve booked the hotel for their wedding guests can sleep a little easier.

It’s not Jericho, but the walls are coming down

November 16, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

We mentioned in our previous post that the renovations to the building have begun.  In just one week the demolition has removed most of the walls from the second floor, which will eventually be home to 6 luxurious guest rooms.

In the pictures you will notice lathing on the ceiling from the original building. Prior to sheet rocking the ceilings we will be spraying soy based sound insulation between the joists to keep the guest rooms quiet.  You’ll also notice piles of the old tin ceiling.  We were hoping to be able to salvage them but it is not looking good, although we are going to be re-purposing almost all of the existing doors.

Today the demolition moved to the third floor and is expected to take about a week to complete.  The previous owner had begun putting apartments on this floor.  The good news is that we are moving the brand new hot water heater, kitchen counter tops and appliances to the Manager’s apartment in the basement.

Stay tuned.



And so it begins

November 16, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

This Monday, November 12, saw the beginning of what we hope will be a smooth process – the demolition.  Work began on the second floor, the floor Reggie Young our general contractor deemed to be the “most messy”.  Well while it was certainly messy (what demolition isn’t) it certainly yielded some surprises.  Now, surprises on a project are rarely good, but these weren’t terrible at all.

The first surprise was that the removal of the existing sheet rock revealed a brick wall (see picture).  What our architect Bob Godwin determined that this was the rear wall of the original building from 1927.  Back then the building was only two rooms deep.  Later the building was extended even farther back.  Later still the building was extended to its current length.

Look what we found

The Barlow’s original rear wall from 1927

The other surprise was that the wall separating Room 201 (Family Suite) and Room 202 (King Suite) is actually a load bearing wall and therefore cannot be moved without significant expense.  Not a big deal since it was only going to move 5 or 6 inches any way.  Just a very strange find in the nature of the architecture of the building.

Today the third floor demo began, which should take about a week.  Wonder what they’ll find….