Walking around Hudson

June 2nd, 2018 by The Barlow Hotel

walking around hudson

If you’ve ever found yourself walking around Hudson you soon discover that there is a TREMENDOUS amount of things to see  We always encourage guests to “look up”.  When they do they find an amazing array of styles and periods of architecture ranging from Colonial to Federal and Victorian to Mid-Century.  The architecture truly tells the history of the city.  In addition to the architecture add the incredible array of firehouses – Hudson is home to the State of New York Firemans Residence and plethora of churches of various denominations, styles and histories and people discover what make Hudson such an attraction.

Over the course of the last year the Hudson Development Corporation has been working on the creation and development of self-guided walking tours to provide visitors to Hudson a comprehensive look into the city’s past.  The 5 tours include: Hudson’s Early Days, The Cedar Park Cemetary, The Churches of Hudson, Hudson’s Firehouses and a Hudson Insider’s Tour.  Best of all the tours are FREE!  According to the tour creators:

The value of a city lies not within it’s future, but within it’s past.  Take a walk through our city and learn a few of the things that have made Hudson what it is.

As the developers mention all that is needed is a smart phone and a comfortable pair of shoes!

Once guests download the Geotourist app from the App store they can search for any one of the tours and begin walking around Hudson and explore all the rich history of the city. The tours are all GPS based and the app uses the smart phone like the GPS in a person’s car to determine their location and guides them from point of interest to point of interest, providing them important historical information and fun facts discovered through extensive research including conversations with local social and architectural historians.

Each tour takes between 60-90 minutes and visitors can stop or pause each tour as needed.  Even if they leave Hudson and return months later, if they still have the app downloaded, they can continue walking around Hudson and enjoying the tours.

Next time you are in Hudson make sure to take advantage of this wonderful program – it’s a fun, family friendly activity everyone’s sure to enjoy!