Being Part of the Community

June 10th, 2015 by The Barlow Hotel

Being part of the community is one of our goals at The Barlow.  We were so pleased last year when we were approached by Tara McSherry-Wolfe, Program Administrator for the Hudson City School District‘s “Youth Employment Services” program, about our interest in sponsoring one of the program’s interns.  We were happy to participate and were very pleased with our intern’s contributions to The Barlow.  We believe that the internship will help further the student’s  professionalism and growth and in supporting the Program was in some small way helping the Hotel be a part of the community.

YES Interns Graduate

(from left) Paul Carter – Front Desk Manager, Jacob Gainey and Maison Goldstien – interns, Crystal Lanphear – General Manager

We were very eager to once again sponsor a HCSD intern and reached out to Tara to convey our interest in having not one but two interns this year.  Crystal Lanphear, General Manager and Paul Carter, Front Desk Manager interviewed candidates and selected Maison (pronounced may-son) Goldstien and Jacob Gainey.  During the course of the program the interns participate in classroom sessions where they practice interviewing skills and develop their professional and communication skills.  In addition the “hands on” education they receive allows them to apply the skills learned in the classroom in a real-world work environment.

At the conclusion of the Program, the YES team holds a graduation for all students that successfully complete the internship.  Both Crystal and Paul attended the event at Helsinki Hudson, and a few days later Maison returned to The Barlow to ask if we would continue to sponsor him for the summer through a similar program run by Columbia-Greene Community College.  They were both very excited to be able to continue Maison’s training, which begins next week, at the Hotel.  When asked to describe Maison Paul used the words “conscientious”, “strong character”, and “helpful” and said “I knew if I gave him a task he would always complete it.”

Maison, whose favorite movie is “Interstellar”, a mature 14-year old is both friendly and professional.  He says his mother is responsible for keeping him motivated and “pushes me to be the best”.  The oldest of four children, Maison says he learned a lot about the importance of creating a clean, welcoming environment for the Hotel’s guests and “taking care of things”.  He also mentioned how much his folding skills improved helping out in the laundry room.  He describes himself as quiet at school (“in order to focus”) but more energetic when he is around his family and friends.  When asked what he enjoyed about the YES Internship he said he really liked practicing interviewing in order to get him ready “to get a real job”.  He says he liked working at The Barlow with Paul and all the staff and is looking forward to learning more throughout the summer.

While he’s not sure what career path he wants to take (who does at 14?) Maison said one day he’d maybe like to go into business or Wall Street, possibly moving to Boston or New York (he’s a fan of the Celtics, the Yankees, and the Oregon Ducks).  For now, however, it’s back to The Barlow.  As Paul put it, “We’re very glad he chose to stay with us for the summer.”