Mid-week in Hudson, NY

June 2nd, 2015 by The Barlow Hotel

What’s there to do mid-week in Hudson, NY?  While it’s true that several of the shops and galleries are closed mid-week, usually on Tuesday and Wednesday, that doesn’t mean you have to give up hope of finding something fun to do.  Two of The Barlow’s Privileges Partners, Hudson Cruises and Farm to Glass Tours, offer fun mid-week excursions to help you experience some of what makes a visit to Hudson so great.

Hudson Cruises offers mid-week tours

Hudson Cruises offers mid-week tours

In addition to the third-Saturday of the month visits to the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, Hudson Cruises is offering a fantastic mid-week sightseeing cruise on Wednesdays.  The company describes the cruise as:

Take a Hudson Valley Sightseeing Cruise! The Perfect mid-week excursion! Scenic Sight Seeing Cruises bring so much to view. While on the vessel, one can view the Hudson River Valley seeing The Sleeping Giant of the Catskills, Olana, to the Bald Eagles, Osprey, and Herons that are frequent and exciting to see. All this on the beautiful Hudson River!

There’s nothing like spending a relaxing afternoon on the River watching the world go by and taking in all the beautiful scenery and wildlife that calls the Hudson River home.


Farm to Glass mid-week tasting tours

Farm to Glass mid-week tasting tours


Supporting the local farms and agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley and New York is at the heart of everything Farm to Glass Tours does.  Each tour provides guests the opportunity to:

See the inner workings of the artisinal beverage producers of the Hudson Valley. Walk through the vineyards, take in the aromas of the apple blossoms, see hops growing on the vines. Watch brewing and distilling in action and taste right from the barrel!  Learn about the bounty of the Hudson Valley first hand.

Farm to Glass tours can also be customized to meet guests specific needs and interests.  All tours include lunch, too!

So if you’re thinking about booking a mid-week getaway and are concerned that there may not be a lot to do – fear not!  Hudson Cruises and Farm to Glass Tours has your mid-week plans all set.  The only thing you need to do is get here!

You can check The Barlow’s mid-week availability by clicking here.