Wayfair showcases The Barlow’s style

February 15th, 2014 by The Barlow Hotel

Wayfair.  What is Wayfair?  If you don’t know Wayfair is a wholesale/discount online retailer for furniture, lighting, accessories and more and our primary source for creating the decor that defines The Barlow.  Wayfair sells thousands upon thousands of items every day to various businesses and individual consumers in various industries throughout the public and private sector.

Most of the furniture and accessories found at The Barlow were purchased at Wayfair.

Most of the furniture and accessories found at The Barlow were purchased at Wayfair.

We put a lot of time and effort in to creating the design component of The Hotel focusing on both comfort and aesthetic.  Working with our Business Account Manager John, we put together almost the entire furniture, lighting and furnishings package, selecting colors, fabrics and textures that would be both attractive and durable.  The Barlow certainly isn’t one of Wayfair’s biggest accounts or largest customers: a 16-room hotel can’t really compete with an office building, university or large chain restaurant.

So it was a pleasant surprise when we received an email from the Creative Director for Wayfair’s Internet marketing department requesting photographs of The Barlow that feature items purchased through their website.  Ultimately they wanted to use the photos in the re-launch of the Wayfair Supply LinkedIn page.  Thanks to our great photographer, Christian Giannelli, we have an entire portfolio of pictures which we were happy to share.

Months passed and we didn’t hear more.  Once again knowing that The Barlow was a “little fish in a big pond” we weren’t expecting anything.  Then just the other day we received an email from John, our Business Account Manager, who was notified that The Barlow was selected to be one of the featured businesses on the Wayfair Supply LinkedIn banner.  You can see it here.

We’ve been told that in addition to the photograph (second in from the right) Wayfair will also be adding The Barlow’s logo.

We’re so proud and delighted that the way in which we used the Wayfair products was recognized by their creative team and highlighted in their online marketing efforts.