So. What’s Next?

June 28th, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel



So you may be thinking, “The Barlow is now open.  Most of the work is done.  So…what’s next?”

The challenge is in the premise that most of the work is done.  While it’s true that the major elements of the project have been completed, building the Hotel as we envisioned it will take months if not years.

As any guest who has stayed with us at our other property in Hudson, The Croff House, we are fanatics about attention to detail.  And there are many details that still have to be ironed out.  Little details that may not seem important but, to us, are critical to differentiating The Barlow from other properties both in town and throughout the Hudson Valley.

We think we know what today’s savvy traveler is looking for and want to ensure The Barlow delivers on our commitment to providing outstanding service in Hudson.  That takes time and tweaking.  We also want to spend more time with our staff improving their customer service skills to the level we believe our guests expect and enforcing our policies that we feel our guests deserve.

So, what’s next really isn’t the question.  The question is did we miss anything?  The answer to which will take some time responding.