The Hudson Valley’s newest hotel is OPEN!

June 16th, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

This weekend we hosted our first guests at The Barlow.  While all the kinks weren’t worked out, as could be expected, most of the essentials were there.  Hot water was hot.  Elevator went up and down.  We hoped the A/C would be up and running too, but due to a missing part and even with the best efforts of our fantastic plumbers, it was not to be.  They assure us that it will be up and running first thing in the morning (as soon as they install the nasty little part).  So all is good.

On the bright side the weather was beautiful and in the evenings the temperature got down into the 50’s.  So with their windows open our guests could enjoy a lovely spring evening.

This week we focus on wrapping up the first floor and getting the laundry room up and running.  Next weekend we host another group here in Hudson for a wedding (that’s BIG business for the Hudson Valley) and we look forward to welcoming them and helping them enjoy the celebrations.