It’s electric!

March 13th, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

WiringSo this past Monday the electricians started, and if all goes according to plan the third floor will be ready for inspection next week.  Which means we can have the electrical done by the beginning of April, giving us over a month to sheetrock, paint, carpet, tile and furnish the hotel.

While it kind of looks like a mess, the electricians label each wire so they know what light goes to which switch (say that 10 times fast!).  All of the light fixtures have been delivered, so as each room is finished being “closed up” the lights and outlets can be installed.

This isn’t to minimize the work the plumbers are doing.  Most of the “outbound” plumbing is done – meaning the drains and waste lines.  The next step is pulling the tubing for the hot and cold water supplies for the sinks, showers and toilets.  That is all moving along very quickly as well.

Guest room door hung, but unpainted

Guest room door hung, but unpainted

In addition the first guest room door was hung.  They are very heavy (for soundproofing purposes) so we’ve added a spring hinge to help open and close them.

Next week we begin laying Durock in the third floor bathroom floors, which is a precursor to laying the floor tiles!  So then then “sexy stuff” starts.


But until then, power to the people!