We have a winner

January 31st, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

The devil is in the details.

img_aromatherapyFor us, one of the most important details we’ve had to decide is the bathroom amenities we will be providing guests of The Barlow.  What was there to consider?  It’s just shampoo and soap, right?  Wrong.  The amenities a hotel provides guests says a lot about the hotel, how the hotel views their guests, and the values the hotel seeks to uphold.  So we’ve put a lot of thought (and taken many showers) in order to select Lather’s “Aromatherapy” Collection.

First, the collection should be upscale without being pretentious and the brand should reflect the hotel’s image.  The Aromatherapy line carries the Lather brand which was started in 1999 and is focused on formulations using natural oils, extracts and agents as well as food-grade naturally derived glycerin.  Packing is clean and simple, updated without being overly contemporary.  For more information click the link above.

Secondly, we believe guests of The Barlow expect amenities that are naturally fragranced and environmentally friendly.  Each product in the collection from the hair wash to the exfoliating body bar combines wonderful cleansing with natural, unisex aromatherapy essences to give each guest a spa-like experience each time they step into the shower.

Finally, we strongly believe in protecting our environment.  Soaps are packaged in recyclable cartons printed with soy based inks.  All remaining products in the collection are packaged in 1 oz. tubes which are produced with an additive call Eco-Pure, which render the tubes both biodegradable and recyclable.  Lather was awarded the “Technology Innovator of the Year” from the California branch of the American Hotel & Lodging Association for the innovation of Eco-Pure.  Additionally, the products are not tested on animals.

So we are very excited to be providing Lather’s “Aromatherapy” Collection to guests of The Barlow.  A detail too important to miss.