Getting things done

January 10th, 2013 by The Barlow Hotel

As we enter 2013 we hit the ground running with a meeting with our plumber/HVAC contractor and electrician.  These are the two main elements of the next phase of the hotel construction.  In addition we have the elevator 90% nailed down (we just have to pick the things that will make the unit attractive for our guests).  Finally, the plans for the remaining portion of the basement to be “dug out” have been completed and now a game plan is being drawn up including the installation of steel beams to reinforce the floors.  Not very sexy, but definitely necessary.

We had a cold snap in Hudson and the building is VERY good at holding in the cold, so we also had to have temporary heat brought in to keep the guys warm while they are doing their thing.  We’ve also been hearing about the powerful flu making its way around and we don’t want that to get in the way of the continuation of the progress.

Yesterday we placed a BIG order for the majority of the lighting that is going to go in the hallways, guest rooms and bathrooms.  Bathroom fixtures have already been ordered including the shower towers, tubs, shower “pans” and wall tiles.

Warren Street awning rendering

Warren Street awning rendering

Next week we are presenting the Zoning Board of Appeals with our application for the awning to be placed in front of the hotel.  We’re also moving forward with obtaining a rendering of the exterior sign to be placed on Warren Street to present to the Hudson Historic Planning Committee.

So A LOT going on.  All very exciting!

p.s. – we also have the “official” telephone number for the hotel!  518-828-2100.  Put it in your iPhones today!