The walls! The walls!

December 21st, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

Framing walls for second floor guest rooms

Framing walls for Second Floor guest rooms – sorry, kinda dark!

In just a few short days even more progress has been made.  The framing walls, which will eventually be sound insulated, sheet rocked and painted have been built and the guest rooms are starting to take shape.  Now it is easy to see how large the rooms and bathrooms are going to be, and we can start visualizing the layout of the furniture and finishings such as the bath fixtures.

Work has also begun on the basement.  Not so sexy, true, but this is where all of the mechanicals for the hotel (hot water system, washers and dryers, electrical and gas monitoring systems, etc.) will reside.  Due to the low height of the ceiling we’ve had to dig out a few feet of the existing basement floor which will make it much more “user friendly”.  Once the windows are re-opened the space will feel much bigger as well.

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms

Looking to front of the building; framing walls for guest rooms on the Third Floor

Finally we are finalizing contractors for the “big stuff”: electrical, pluming, HVAC and the elevator.  This means we can continue with the forward progress already made to date without interruption.

And we’ve booked yet another wedding party!