Progressing nicely

December 17th, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

So after a three week hiatus from the hotel restoration (physically only, mind you) we had a walk through with our contractors and architect.  We were both thrilled with the amount of work that has been completed.  The demolition is finished (for the most part) and the framing of the guest rooms has been completed 60% or more.  What does that mean/matter?

Having the framing of the guest rooms done you can now see how large the rooms are going to be and how they are going to laid out.  It’s one thing to see it on paper.  It’s something totally different to see it in person.  The rooms are all well proportioned and large.  The bathrooms are generously sized as well.  The suites are incredibly large and will be able to comfortably accommodate up to four guests.  It’s all very exciting.

Just as exciting is how quickly we are moving forward with some really important contracts, namely the plumbing/HVAC and electrical.  These represent the next two large phases of bringing the hotel to life.  While they are not sexy imagine a hotel with no plumbing, air conditioning/heat or electricity.  Wouldn’t attract a large crowd.

Since we are heading into the holidays (a notoriously slow time for work to get done) we had a frank discussion about how we are doing in terms of our timing.  According to everyone we are on schedule for our Memorial Day Grand Opening.  So all those folks who’ve booked the hotel for their wedding guests can sleep a little easier.