It’s not Jericho, but the walls are coming down

November 16th, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

We mentioned in our previous post that the renovations to the building have begun.  In just one week the demolition has removed most of the walls from the second floor, which will eventually be home to 6 luxurious guest rooms.

In the pictures you will notice lathing on the ceiling from the original building. Prior to sheet rocking the ceilings we will be spraying soy based sound insulation between the joists to keep the guest rooms quiet.  You’ll also notice piles of the old tin ceiling.  We were hoping to be able to salvage them but it is not looking good, although we are going to be re-purposing almost all of the existing doors.

Today the demolition moved to the third floor and is expected to take about a week to complete.  The previous owner had begun putting apartments on this floor.  The good news is that we are moving the brand new hot water heater, kitchen counter tops and appliances to the Manager’s apartment in the basement.

Stay tuned.