And so it begins

November 16th, 2012 by The Barlow Hotel

This Monday, November 12, saw the beginning of what we hope will be a smooth process – the demolition.  Work began on the second floor, the floor Reggie Young our general contractor deemed to be the “most messy”.  Well while it was certainly messy (what demolition isn’t) it certainly yielded some surprises.  Now, surprises on a project are rarely good, but these weren’t terrible at all.

The first surprise was that the removal of the existing sheet rock revealed a brick wall (see picture).  What our architect Bob Godwin determined that this was the rear wall of the original building from 1927.  Back then the building was only two rooms deep.  Later the building was extended even farther back.  Later still the building was extended to its current length.

Look what we found

The Barlow’s original rear wall from 1927

The other surprise was that the wall separating Room 201 (Family Suite) and Room 202 (King Suite) is actually a load bearing wall and therefore cannot be moved without significant expense.  Not a big deal since it was only going to move 5 or 6 inches any way.  Just a very strange find in the nature of the architecture of the building.

Today the third floor demo began, which should take about a week.  Wonder what they’ll find….